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For the price of a cup of coffee, please support developer of the app that is saving YOU money.Unlock the Pro features for Price Cruncher, the most intuitive and easy-to-use Price Comparison app for Android.
The Price Cruncher Unlocker enables the following features of Price Cruncher:- Removes ALL ads- No shopping list limit- Backup and restore item and price history data
This is NOT the Price Cruncher program. In order for this program to work, you must have the latest version (version 1.4 or greater) of Price Cruncher installed on your phone. This is a very small application that will install onto your phone. It will NOT show up in your app drawer, it is only a license. After installing this key unlocker, launch the normal Price Cruncher application and enjoy our great Pro features.
Thank you for supporting Price Cruncher!