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Thrift Shop Locator: Your Guide to Finding Thrift Shops, Consignment Shops, and Flea Markets Across the USAThere’s something about a thrift shop that quickens the heart. Maybe it’s the tantalizing possibility of finding a like-new sweater that costs cents on the dollar of what you’d pay in a department store. Maybe it’s the comfortable musk of gently-used furniture that slips into your nostrils with the familiarity of old memories. Whatever the feeling, we crave it as often as possible.
With MapMuse’s Thrift Shop Locator in your app library, you’ll never be more than a few screen taps away from your next thrift shop experience. Featuring over 10,000 thrift stores, consignment shops, flea markets, and swap meets across the country, this app is your one-stop guide for bargain shopping and treasure hunting. Browse the interactive map for major chain shops such as Salvation Army and Goodwill, or search for independent stores and back-alley flea markets (because we all know that’s where the real finds are hiding). Contact locations via one-touch dialing, or discover more about them via web links. Read other bargain hunters’ reviews of shops you’re thinking of visiting, or view photos they’ve taken until you’re satisfied that making the trip will be worth your while.
The Thrift Shop Locator is constantly improving thanks to you. Stumble across a new store that we don’t have? Submit it directly from your mobile device; your submission will be reviewed for accuracy and added to the map within 24-48 hours. You’re also encouraged to submit photos and reviews of thrift shops, flea markets, and swap meets you visit.